The Knoxville-Knox County Food Policy Council is composed of appointed (voting) and associate (non-voting) members. The Mayor of the City of Knoxville appoints five members, and the Knox County Mayor appoints six members. Appointed members may serve two consecutive three-year terms. Associate members are invited by the council and are typically local food system stakeholders with consistent participation. The council is subject to the Open Meetings Act, and our meetings are open to the public.

Appointed Members 

Bailey Foster, Chair – Real Good Kitchen

Jennifer Russomanno, Vice Chair – UT Department of Public Health, 2 Chicks and a Farm

Brett Foster, Secretary – Knox County Schools

Bruce Crabtree – Boys and Girls Club

Ross Jones – Knoxville Dream Center and Lost Sheep Ministry

Lauren Woods – UT Extension

Laura Deubler – Second Harvest of East TN

Donna Wright – Salvation Army

Rylan Thompson – TN State Extension

Sara Keel – CAC Nutrition

Marisa Moazen – KCDC

Associated Members

Fiona McAnally – City of Knoxville

Madelyn Howe – Knox County Health Department

Kimberly Pettigrew – United Way of Greater Knoxville

Jessie Hillman – Knoxville-Knox County Planning

Lisa Healy – Catholic Charities of East TN

Nicole Gross – American Heart Association

Marsha Spence – UT Department of Nutrition

Judith Pelot – Mobile Meals

Kara Finger – Wesley House

Adam Caraco – CAC

Travis Henderson – Montgomery Baptist

Beth Brown – UT Extension

Charlotte Rodina – CAC/Beardsley Farm

Wade Seifert – University of TN

Caesar Stair – Knox County Master Gardeners

Charlotte Tolley – Nourish Knoxville

Vivian Williams – National Women in Ag. Assoc.

Marissa McKeague – Student, UT Department of Nutrition

Erin Sweeney – Student, UT Department of Public Health